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Our Organizations


 Father Nicholas (Mykola) Dilendorf


Born in Chicago of immigrant parents from Ukraine after WW II.  Graduate of Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ. St.Sophia Seminary, South Bound Brook, NJ,  Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT.  Father was tonsured a Reader and ordained Sub-Deacon by Patriarch (then Metropolitan)  Mstyslav of Blessed Memory. Ordained to the Holy Diaconate by Archbishop Vsevolod of Blessed Memory. Ordained to Holy Priesthood by Archbishop Daniel. Father of two children, Michael and Elizabeth who are students in Chicago.


Our Organizations

Our Organizations

Our Organizations

Our growing choir is an integral part of the church. Please contact our choir director if you are interested in joining.

Ukrainian Orthodox League - Dedicated to our Church, Devoted to its Youth
Mission Statement - The Ukrainian Orthodox League is a national organization of members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, who are committed promoting the Orthodox Faith, supporting the church, developing the potential of our youth and their active participation in the life of the church, and preserving Ukrainian heritage and culture. It is directed by the Senior Ukrainian Orthodox League [SR UOL], comprised of adult parishioners supporting: • mission trips to the Ukraine • the future monastery • scholarships for seminarians • St. Andrew's Society Soup Kitchen in the Ukraine • the All Saints Camp • and Young Adult Activities, such as the JR UOL.  The JR UOL is comprised of parishioners grades 8 through 12.  Both organizations meet independently, monthly. Annual dues for the former is $20, which is all sent to National, as our chapter has no local dues.  For additional information please don't hesitate to contact our UOL staff, or any member directly.

Sisterhood of Anastasia
The Sisterhood of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a vital and important organization. The Sisterhood has historically been the backbone of all church activities. Our ever-popular Bazaars originated with the women in the parish. Today these same women help, however the Bazaar has grown into a full parish activity. At present, under the leadership of President Cynthia Neff, the activities of the Sisterhood include cleaning the church weekly, changing of the altar cloths, and numerous other housekeeping activities. The Sisterhood also regularly remembers our parish shut ins throughout the year. Each year a different charity is selected to benefit from our annual Sisterhood Tea Party. Past recipients include: Association of the Blind, Women's Veterans Program, Neighborhood Health Agencies/Hospice, and Handi-Crafters. Contact the Sisterhood president if you seek membership. 


Church History

Our Organizations

Church History

Over one hundred years ago they arrived - teenagers and young people barely out of their teens - to find a better way of life in a new land. Most came alone, leaving parents, friends, and all that they held dear and called home. They brought very little money with them and few tangible items; they did however bring treasures beyond measure: They brought their heritage, their customs, their traditions, their desire to work hard, and perhaps most important of all, they brought their faith in God and their desire to worship Him in the manner of their ancestors. This is how the Holy Ghost Church of Coatesville, PA was founded.

Initially four Coatesville men - W. Wolownik, H. Mokry, W. Kozachshyn, and Illa Lukasewych - organized services in their homes. In 1909 the number of attendees enlarged, and the church on Gibbons Avenue was built.As membership grew and the church was outgrown, the current church which stands at 392 Charles Street was built in 1917. The cost was $28,000, and although a difficult financial period for parishioners, the mortgage was fulfilled in 1935.Through the consistent, dedicated work of its members and the Will of God, Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church not only survives but thrives. 

During the past 100 years it was led in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the following clergy:

In 1909 the first Divine Liturgy was served by Fr. John Krochmaluk, and Fr. J. Voloszczuk following that.

Fr. Carolus Jeremy served January - November 1910, and Fr. Bernacky served December 31, 1910 - December 25, 1911.  Fr. Hieronym Barys served March 10-26, 1912.  Fr. Lantonius Shapicky served June 29, 1912 - February 23, 1913. Fr. B. Stec served March 22-29, 1913. Fr. Michael Prodan served February - June 1913. Fr. Hilarian Jakiniowicz served in August 1913. Fr. John Rubynowych served September 1913 - May 1914.  Fr. H. Jakymowych served June 1914 - February 1916. Fr. Nikon Romaniuk served March 4-26, 1916. Fr. John Velyhorsk served March 28, 1916 - June 10, 1917. Fr. Timothy Wasyleiwic served July 7, 1917 - January 20, 1918. Fr. Andrew Symko served January 20, 1918 - June 7, 1921. Fr. M. N. Skrotsky served June 25, 1921 - September 6, 1922. Fr. John Kowal served February 12, 1923 - September 1924. Fr. Alexij Pelensky served July 26, 1925 - November 15, 1925. Fr. S. Poletsky served May 6, 1926 - March 28, 1927 (with Stephen Pobulsky's on October 28, 1926). Fr. Tymko served May 15, 1927 - November 1927. Fr. W. B. Dorohovic served January 15, 1929.

Fr. Peter Dmytryk served August 29, 1931 - February 8, 1932 (and sometimes Frs. Joseph Dzendzera or J. Petrikani). Parishioners John Dmytryk Sr. & Jr. and Rose Dmytryk are Fr. Peter Dmytryk's descendents.

Fr. Hylarian Wroblewsky served February 1932 - July 25, 1949. It was during Fr. Wroblewsky's pastorate, on October 28, 1940, that the charter of the church was changed from "Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Ghost" to "Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ghost". Fr. Gregory Chomicky served July 1949 - March 1950. Fr. Michael Kashuba served March 23, 1950 - September 4, 1954. The church was redecorated, with new windows donated during Fr. Kashuba's pastorage.  Both Frs. Wroblewsky and Kashuba repose in the Holy Ghost Cemetery.

Fr. Theodore Forosty served November 1954 - June 1962, Fr. Vitale Kowalenko July 1962 - July 1968, Fr. N. Charishchak August 1968, Fr. L. Kroshevyc September 1968 - June 1969, Fr. Myroslav Hlynsky July 1969 - August 1970, Fr. Nestor Stolarchuk September 1970 - September 1972, Fr. Michael Yarosh September 1972 - July 1983, Fr. Paul Hrynyshyn October 1983 - May 1984, Fr. Michael Hutnyan June 1984 - May 1987, Fr. Joseph Martyniuk February 1988 - December 1991, Fr. Stephen Hutnick January 1992 - March 2000, Fr. Gregory Czumak January 2001 - July 2002, and Fr. Anthony Ugolnik August 2002 - November 2016, Fr. Michael Danczak - December 2016 - June 2019,

And  Father Nicholas Dilendorf August 2019-Present.